Birthday Cakes price list

Undecorated Cakes (plain block cakes)

Cakes flavours0.5 KG1 KG1.5 KG2 KG2.5 KG3 KG4 KG5 KG6 KG
Vanilla, Zucchini, banana, choco-vanilla, strawberry vanilla etc95013502000260033004000520065007900
Carrot, Lemon, Orange, Orange coffee, orange chocolate, chocolate, ginger, mint chocolate, orange coconut, etc110015002100280035004200550068008300
Fruit cakes (uniced)14502300360046005600660086001050012500
For partial butter icing add400650750100012501500200025003000
add filling between the cakes75150225300375450600750900
For message only80100150200230260300350400

Decorated Cakes

Cakes flavours0.5 KG1 KG1.5 KG2 KG2.5 KG3 KG4 KG5 KG6 KG
Zucchini, Banana, Choco-vanilla, Strawberry-vanilla,
Chocolate, Carrot, Lemon, Orange, Orange coffee, orange chocolate, chocolate, Mint chocolate, Mint , Neoplitan, Lemon poppy, Coffee1700/-2600/-3800/-4800/-5800/-7200/-9500/-11700/-14000/-
Black forest, Strawberry gateau, White forest, Passion forest, Red velvet, Light fruity, Ginger, 17002700/-3900/-4900/-6000/-7400/-9600/-11800/-14200/-
Fresh fruit cake, Orange coconut, Coconut, Lemon yorghurt, choc fudge1800/-2800/-4000/-5300/-6200/-8000/-10300/-12700/-15000/-
Rich fudge, tiramisu, blueberry gateau, cherry cake, lemon blueberry, Nutty forest, Rainbow cake1900/-3000/-4400/-5500/-6700/-8200/-10500/-12800/-15200/-
Butter Scotch, Caramel, Apple Nutty2100/-3600/-5000/-6800/-8200/-9700/-12900/-14800/-17000/-
Fruit cake 2300/-3600/-5500/-7200/-8800/-10400/-13400/-16200/-19200/-
Rich fruit cake with Marzipan3500/-6000/-8700/-11600/-13500/-17000/-22300/-27500/-32600/-
Cheese cake, Ice Cream Cake2300/-4000/--------
Design cakes (simple shapes) (zucchini, banana, vanilla, choco-vanilla, strawberry-vanilla etc only)complex designs will vary in cost2400/-3400/-4900/-6300/-7500/-9200/-12500/-15700/-18000/-
Design cakes (simple shapes) (Carrot, Lemon, Orange, Orange coffee, Orange chocolate, Mint chocolate, Mint, Chocolate, etc only)complex designs will vary in cost2800/-3700/-5400/-6700/-8000/-10000/-13700/-16800/-19500/-
icing cakes with fondant basic decoration add...3507001050140017502100280035004200
icing cakes with fresh cream add...300600900120015001800240030003600
Edible printsA6=300A5=500A4=1000A3=2000
cupcakesplain-90basic decorated-145themed from - 240

For more information on a wide range of cakes and designs for birthday, anniversary, weddings etc please do not hesitate to call.
NB. Prices subject to change without notice